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I Like Lil Wayne More Than Oreos | February 16, 2011

The title is true. Lil Wayne is a lyrical genius and he is actually pretty funny. Oreos are delicious but they stick to your teeth and if you don’t have milk they are worthless. But I didn’t think more people liked Lil Wayne than Oreos. The internet has spoken, though, and Lil Wayne set a Guinness World Record for most Facebook ‘likes’ in a 24 hour period. Pretty impressive considering the fact that NabiscoWorld created a whole campaign to generate the most ‘likes’ in a 24 hour period. Lil Wayne just sent out the message “everyone, please “Like” this post. I’m trying to break the Guinness World Record for most “Likes” on a post in 24 hours. Let’s get it!!!” No campaign, no real though, just straight showing that his fans love him and will do anything to get him in the spotlight.

Not only that, but Oreos had a five hour head start on Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne generated five times the number of likes. Yes, Lil Wayne has about 4 million more ‘likes’ on Facebook than Oreos, but not even a million people ‘liked’ either status so I dub that fact null and void.

Now just because Lil Wayne won, doesn’t mean Oreos lost. Yes, for five hours they did hold the Guinness World Record. But all the press and coverage this has generated for Oreos (and Lil Wayne) has put their name out their to thousands, if not millions of people. So a win-win for both parties involved.


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