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Music | February 16, 2011

Nothing in the world makes me happier than music. Yes, family and friends (and cats) make me happy. But they can also make you upset. With music, you can always find a song that lifts your spirits or speaks the way you are feeling. Music is a great “therapy” tool. When I am upset, I will sit in my room, music blaring, doing absolutely nothing. And I suddenly feel better. Or if I am happy, I will play music loudly and rock out. The beauty of music is that if one song isn’t working, you have a plethora of others to choose. Whether you like rock, hip hop, electronic or country, there is something out there for you. And to people who say they hate music, what?! How? If you are one of those people, I believe you haven’t looked hard enough. The range of sounds, whether from blue grass or dubstep, is so broad, that there has to be a sound for everyone.

And don’t get me started about concerts. Listening to music at home or in the car is great. But until you enjoy an act live, you will never truly experience what the artist wanted you to hear. The speakers are tweaked and built to produce every sound meant to be heard. You will hear bass and terrible that you never thought existed. And then being within feet of the perform just makes the experience that much more interesting. To see them truly invest their soul and body into something they made for others, it’s very surreal. If your favorite act is coming into town, ignore price and day of the week and go. You will learn to appreciate the artist, and music as whole, even more.

As for my personal taste my two favorite genres are hip hop and dubstep. But you could find me listening to classical, rock, pop, R&B, jazz, etc. at any time. The only music I truly don’t like is country, and I grew up listening to it.

I love hip hop for its lyrical flow and how artists can take words and phrases, and turn them into poetry. It takes a very smart and skilled person to string sentences together and make it sound good. I love dubstep purely for the beats (as if there is more to love about dubstep). The bass can take over your whole body and highs and lows flow so well together. Plus the drops will get anyones head bobbing.


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