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Red Cross Does It Right | February 16, 2011

We have all seen it: A company accidentally sends out an embarrassing tweet only to “delete” it and try to pretend it never happened. All the while, the internet is blowing up about it. It happens, we are humans and we make mistakes.

Last night the Red Cross had one of these accidental tweets. The tweet read this:

Not something you would expect see from the Red Cross twitter account, with 250,000+ followers. It was quickly deleted, but not before at least four people I follow on Twitter retweeted it along with many others (and nothing is really ever deleted from the internet). There is nothing wrong with this tweet either. People are allowed to drink alcohol, especially if it is a mircobrew. But none-the-less, the Red Cross doesn’t want that on their account.

This morning though, they posted a blog with regards to their faux pas. They not only made light of the situation and apologized, but also mentioned how people were using their mess up in a beneficial way. Dogfish Head Brewery even encouraged it followers/drinkers to donate blood.

It is stories like these that make me believe that companies can have a sense of humor. Like I said earlier, we are human and we make mistakes (we also love cliches). They could have turned and fired the man who tweeted the faux pas but I believe they realized that this was but a minor mistake for a 130 year old company. Instead it is now being used to help encourage donations. And Dogfish Head Brewery is getting just a little free publicity while at it.


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  1. I’ll be bookmarking this post. Looking forward to more of your writing!

    Comment by Rachele Guillory — March 6, 2011 @ 7:40 pm

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