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Voicemails | February 17, 2011

I hate voicemails. Every time I see that damn red circle with a number in it, hovering over my phone icon, I get annoyed. I would rather someone text, Tweet, Facebook, e-mail or send a pigeon than leave me a voicemail. I don’t know what it is exactly I hate about voicemails. Maybe it is the thought of listening to someone ramble on about pointless stuff as they try to fit everything they wanted to say in the small timeframe they have. Maybe because I am new school and prefer if it is important, someone just sends a text “call me when you have a minute.” That way they aren’t interrupting me and giving me the option of calling when I feel like it.

When I was at college, my mom would call and leave me a voicemail. I wouldn’t listen to them and would instead just return her phone call. Instantly she would ask me, “did you listen to my voicemail?” My response would always be “No, whatever you said in your voicemail would probably involve me calling you back anyways, so why don’t you tell me now instead.” She would get frustrated but still repeat whatever she said in the voicemail. Note: I love my mother very much. I would word my response in a much nicer tone but the end point would be the same.

Gizmodo posted an article posing the question “Is it ever OK to leave a voicemail anymore?” Pretty good read and I would agree with most of the points throughout the article. Yes, if my best friend or family member got engaged, birthed a child or had a death, please call and leave a voicemail if I don’t answer. But if you are calling me to catch up, don’t leave a voicemail. The likelihood of me returning your phone call quickly was just reduced 90%. I will call you back simply by seeing you called, I promise. Voicemails are also acceptable for the working environment. But I would argue an e-mail would net you a quicker response.

So please, next time you call, really think about what you have to say and if it voicemail worthy. It’s probably not.


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