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The Future: Tracking Your Kids Every Move | February 18, 2011

Remember that rush you got when you played hooky from school? You felt like you just committed murder but it felt so good. Everyone did it whether once or enough to get you held back. Well soon kids won’t know what that is like. Goodbye growing up.

The Orange County Register reports around 75 seventh- and eighth-grade California students are just the latest to have a GPS tracker planted on them so they can be tracked by their school. I guess there were successful trials in San Antonio and Baltimore, where attendance of school-skipping-kids increased from 77 percent to 95 percent. The six week program requires each kid to check-in (incorporating social media tactics is fun!) five times throughout the day: when they’re leaving for school; when they arrive at school; at lunchtime; when they’re leaving for school, and again at 8pm. So not only are they monitoring you, you have to remember each day to key in a code at a certain time? Sounds tedious and annoying.

Miller Sylvan, regional director of the company involved with the program, said

We want the students to be interactive with the device and take steps to let us know where they are. That helps teach them the discipline they need to be responsible. It gets them thinking about their schedule.

What schedule do seventh and eighth graders have? Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, hang out with friends and go to sleep. If you are playing a sport, add that right before “come home.” Tough schedule to remember. And helps teach them to be responsible. What happened to the parenting aspect of that? I feel like that needs to be taught by mom and dad and not some government run device.

I am not saying that kids should skip school. When I am older, I would like these kids to be running my country responsibly. But when does responsibility fall on the shoulders of the kid? Or even the parent? Growing up and making mistakes is all part of learning process. Now we are just letting the government hold our hands. How did humans survive all these years without the hand holding government?

So remember kids, stay in school. The government is watching.


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