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BACON! | March 2, 2011

You know what is boring and over done? Cooking shows. They all seem to mesh together, from Paula Deen to Giada. But a new comer is in town. And they love bacon.

They are the group known as Epic Meal Time and they don’t make food for the weak of heart (or stomach). No they don’t just make deep friend Twinkies or anything else they can find in their home. No, they make things like Chili Four Loko. What’s in Chili Four Loko you might ask? Lets break it down:

  • 900 calories of beans
  • 1,300 calories of bangers
  • 1,315 calories of ground pork
  • 2,705 calories of bacon
  • 1,000 calories of pepperoni
  • 428 calories of ham
  • 210 calories of back bacon
  • 40 calories of hot peppers
  • 2,546 calories of custom cheese sticks
  • 7,546 calories of fries
  • 2,860 calories of cheese
  • 400 calories of sour cream
  • 600 calories of Four Loko.

Sounds extreme? Not extreme enough. Why not serve it in a bacon troff that equals 18,935 calories? But why stop there? How about a bacon cup, worth 2,705 calories. Why? Because they can. All in all, the meal equals 46,255 calories. Smart.

An absolute cardiologist’s nightmare. But the beauty of this YouTube channel is that it takes a basic format and turns it around to make fun of it, while at the same time being funny and entertaining. Yeah the food can be disgusting (I would probably eat every creation they have made) but the whole concept is to make something so radical you could never imagine seeing it. Plus, the host, Harley Morenstein, has such a great voice (always yelling at food) and perfect one liners (“Dominate species mixing with inferior species in a pot”) that you don’t have to watch it to be entertained.

New episodes come out every Tuesday. All videos can be found at Epic Meal Time’s YouTube channel which was created in September with their first video published in October. They have amassed 37+ million upload views with 350,000+ subscribers. They just launched their own website as well.

Some of my favorite Epic Meal Time videos:

Tequila Taco Night

TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving


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