Stupid White Boy Blabble


My name is Jeffrey Taylor Wilson. Most of my friends call me Bird, after the infamous basketball player, Larry Bird. I think it’s because we are both freakishly good looking.

In May 2009, I graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Public Relations. I love WSU and all the memories I made there. Go Cougs!

I love sports, politics and traveling. If money wasn’t an option I would never be stuck at home. Seeing the world in person teaches far more than any classroom, textbook, video or photo ever could. As of now, my dream destination would be Cuba.

I am very set in my political views and have strong opinions about them. BUT I am open to hear all arguments and don’t believe just because I believe a certain thing, others should to. The beauty of America is that we can have opposing views and still get along.

As for sports, give me baseball or give me nothing. I would rather watch baseball than football or basketball. I truly enjoy the aspect of every pitch and hit being different. While I do love the Seattle Mariners, my first love belongs with New York Yankees (yes, boo all you want).

I also love cats and sharks.


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About author

I'm Jeff. I like PR, sports, politics and traveling. Not in that order. Oh and I also like cats and sharks. Go Cougs!







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