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February 16, 2011
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Nothing in the world makes me happier than music. Yes, family and friends (and cats) make me happy. But they can also make you upset. With music, you can always find a song that lifts your spirits or speaks the way you are feeling. Music is a great “therapy” tool. When I am upset, I will sit in my room, music blaring, doing absolutely nothing. And I suddenly feel better. Or if I am happy, I will play music loudly and rock out. The beauty of music is that if one song isn’t working, you have a plethora of others to choose. Whether you like rock, hip hop, electronic or country, there is something out there for you. And to people who say they hate music, what?! How? If you are one of those people, I believe you haven’t looked hard enough. The range of sounds, whether from blue grass or dubstep, is so broad, that there has to be a sound for everyone.

And don’t get me started about concerts. Listening to music at home or in the car is great. But until you enjoy an act live, you will never truly experience what the artist wanted you to hear. The speakers are tweaked and built to produce every sound meant to be heard. You will hear bass and terrible that you never thought existed. And then being within feet of the perform just makes the experience that much more interesting. To see them truly invest their soul and body into something they made for others, it’s very surreal. If your favorite act is coming into town, ignore price and day of the week and go. You will learn to appreciate the artist, and music as whole, even more.

As for my personal taste my two favorite genres are hip hop and dubstep. But you could find me listening to classical, rock, pop, R&B, jazz, etc. at any time. The only music I truly don’t like is country, and I grew up listening to it.

I love hip hop for its lyrical flow and how artists can take words and phrases, and turn them into poetry. It takes a very smart and skilled person to string sentences together and make it sound good. I love dubstep purely for the beats (as if there is more to love about dubstep). The bass can take over your whole body and highs and lows flow so well together. Plus the drops will get anyones head bobbing.


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Red Cross Does It Right

February 16, 2011
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We have all seen it: A company¬†accidentally¬†sends out an embarrassing tweet only to “delete” it and try to pretend it never happened. All the while, the internet is blowing up about it. It happens, we are humans and we make mistakes.

Last night the Red Cross had one of these accidental tweets. The tweet read this:

Not something you would expect see from the Red Cross twitter account, with 250,000+ followers. It was quickly deleted, but not before at least four people I follow on Twitter retweeted it along with many others (and nothing is really ever deleted from the internet). There is nothing wrong with this tweet either. People are allowed to drink alcohol, especially if it is a mircobrew. But none-the-less, the Red Cross doesn’t want that on their account.

This morning though, they posted a blog with regards to their faux pas. They not only made light of the situation and apologized, but also mentioned how people were using their mess up in a beneficial way. Dogfish Head Brewery even encouraged it followers/drinkers to donate blood.

It is stories like these that make me believe that companies can have a sense of humor. Like I said earlier, we are human and we make mistakes (we also love cliches). They could have turned and fired the man who tweeted the faux pas but I believe they realized that this was but a minor mistake for a 130 year old company. Instead it is now being used to help encourage donations. And Dogfish Head Brewery is getting just a little free publicity while at it.


February 15, 2011
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I like cats. I like them a lot, in fact. I really couldn’t tell you why either. It might be their soft fur or just how they will lay on your lap and be content. Maybe it’s their weird antics and their fascination with almost anything (ie. boxes, laser pointers, feathers, etc.) Ever since I moved out, I have missed my two cats at home. Both were opposite ends of the spectrum. Yankee is hyper, quiet and overweight. Mittens will meow just to meow and she would rather lay alone in the dark then have any interactions most of the time. She is also remarkably skinny. I should really do something good in this world and adopt one.

Oh and I miss my dog too. She is a boss.

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Bank of America

February 15, 2011
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I have been a loyal Bank of America (BoA) customer for as long as I can remember. My parents got me an account there when I was like 10 and I thought I was so awesome. They have been good to me too. Send me new cards promptly, fairly good customer service and their website is easy to read.

But as of late, BoA’s actions have been fairly sketchy. First I read that some BoA accounts had a security breach (from a car blog, none-the-less) and made no mention of it via e-mail or on their website. Their later tweeted that everything was ok. This makes me feel like they don’t these security breaches seriously when in fact our bank accounts are probably one the most important things to us and a security breach could be very damaging to people. An e-mail to customers or something would have been nice, even to those unaffected.

Now it is reported that BoA is planning on starting a sort-of smear campaign against Wikileaks and its supporters (journalists and such). Whether you support Wikileaks or not, this kind of action is not right and should not be tolerated. We shouldn’t have major corporations trying block journalists from doing their job. It is because of journalists that we know so much not only about our government but the world around us. And while Wikileaks is controversial, a journalist doing his or her job is not.

I know BoA has come out and said they never saw the proposed campaign or had any interest in it. But it still bothers me to know that BoA somehow got tied to it. I hope BoA figures their stuff out, I really don’t want to deal with switching banks. Wikileaks information on BoA may be the last straw though.

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