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February 24, 2011
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Looking over my last few posts, they all seem to have a negative connotation. Doesn’t really fit my humor filled personality. It is too much work to be mad I think. So a lighter, short post today.

Finally the best sporting game is upon us. Baseball. America’s sport. Don’t let anyone tell you football is America’s sport. It is not. Baseball has such deep roots in our history that to call it anything less is disgraceful.

Most people find baseball to be too slow and boring for them. Yet in football only has 11 minutes of actual play throughout a full game. But those who truly understand the game of baseball know that every pitch is something new. That when a new batter comes to the plate, the players in the field shift appropriately to where the batter will most likely hit the ball. There is so much analyst and thought put into baseball and how to defeat your opponent that most people don’t realize.

I can’t wait for a warm summer day to watch baseball. This year I hope the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees (go ahead and boo) do well. There is no doubt the Yankees will, even with a short bullpen. But the Mariners again worry me. Not enough trades and acquisitions this offseason. It will probably be another mediocre year for them, sadly.

World Series prediction: Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees. Yankees take it in 6 games.

Opening Day is March 31.


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